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Keep Your ‘Main Thing’ THE Main Thing.


Thousands of dating sites so you can find that special someone.  Zero for couples. 

Sincerely Me invites couples to share an entire year of great experiences.  With private membership, it is easy to arrange, enjoy & intensify the fun-loving side of life together.

Membership includes gifts & experiences, plus:

  • Occasion Planning & Reminders

  • Fun Games to Play Together, plus Great Prizes to Fund Your Annual Bucket List

  • The Couple’s Challenge

  • Fun Experiences

  • Conveniences to Reduce Busy Work and Increase Play Time, Together

  • Access to Our Premium Plans


Amenities Cultivate a Refined Experience for Couples.

We are building an app that will provide the amenities couples need to plan, remind, arrange, enjoy and remember life together.   

CURRENTLY IN BETAWhat does that mean for you?

Signing on for our BETA means we are in a reciprocal relationship.  Our team needs good, solid feedback from our founding members, thus we may contact you to ask questions about your experiences.  As a result of your willingness to provide insight, you will receive lots of extra perks, surprises, special invites and goodies from our partners, as well as exclusive, pre-notifications about new amenities. 

Founding Status can be quite lucrative + we will love you forever…




All Big, Bold, Beautiful Kinds of You.

One community connected by the desire to love more intentionally.

Connect to smaller communities & interest groups by localities, interests, life stage, hobbies, health & fitness, religious affiliations, gender, sexuality, travel, lifestyle and more.  Create a couple’s group or join one… or many.

Make Sincerely Me a place where you focus on the connection you have with your ‘main thing.’


Surprising, Thoughtful, Intimate, Fun? YES.


Definitely invigorating and, sometimes, humorous, together you will join in to play a game.

Once you start, the game will complete in 72 hours.  You will have time to do other things, but your main focus should be on the challenge, so plan appropriately.

# of Individuals Needed for The Challenge
# of Hours Needed to Complete The Challenge
The Difference It Will Make in Your Relationship
Length of Time You Should Wait to Begin


The Art of Giving Takes Something Special.

We are research geeks, and we have studied giving & receiving by relationship status, life stage, sexuality, gender identity, personality and more…

We have the secret formula for showing love & attention the way your other half will appreciate it most.

We hope you get inspired to create some DIY gifts for each other during the year.  And for those who need a little extra attention or who love our exclusive & curated items, opt to add ‘The Collection” to your plan.

This is where the real fun starts.

man holding balloons with womans eyes closed giving gifts for couples


Sincerely Me is an early-stage, start-up based in Atlanta, GA, operating under WINKSOCIETY ENTERPRISES.


Prospective investors are invited to review our Gust  profile.  Serious inquiries may schedule discussions with our CEO, Paige Hartsfield @ 404.267.1515 x2 or [email protected]


-Funding Pipeline Development
-Member Interface Testing
-MVP Beta (R2) Launch Planning
-Social Strategy Development
-Supplier Relationship Building
-Channel Partner Discussions
-Scoping ‘The Collection’